Portugal Java User Group

O PT.JUG estabeleceu uma parceria com o QCon London 2017.
Partilho abaixo o texto para a divulgação do evento.

The 11th annual QCon London will feature over 140 speakers across 18 tracks covering topics like Java, Engineering Culture, DevOps, Microservices, Stream Processing, Big Data, Cloud, Containers, Architecture, JavaScript and more. We are waiting for over 1200 attendees this year.

You can receive an additional GBP60 off the ticket price if you use “portugaljug60” (valid until registration closes) when registering for the conference. You can save a total of GBP335 extra if you register by January 28th (http://bit.ly/2gXQ8of).

This year, we’ll have Java: Interesting Stuff in the Space track (http://bit.ly/2hd5gRM) and sessions that might interest you:
Trisha Gee – Track Host (Java Champion, Engineer and Evangelist);
Brian Goetz – Speaker (Java Language Architect @ Oracle) and so on.

Looking forward to meeting you at QCon London 2017!

Um bom 2017 para todos!

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