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No próximo dia 25 de Março, o PT.JUG irá realizar o seu primeiro evento virtual! O tema do encontro será o WildFly 8, a última versão do servidor anteriormente conhecido por JBoss Aplication Server.

Numa perspectiva de facilitar a participação a membros do mundo Java espalhados por outras cidades do país, decidimos convidar o Coimbra JUG a juntar-se a nós para participarmos em conjunto. Convite ao qual o grupo respondeu com um ressonante challenge accepted! Para tal, para além de contarmos mais uma vez com o apoio do Mestrado de Open Source Software (MOSS) do ISCTE-IUL, ponto de encontro para a malta de Lisboa (sala C1.04 do edifício ISCTE II), teremos também o apoio do DEI, local onde se juntará a malta de Coimbra (sala C5.1).

A agenda é a seguinte:

  • 18h30 – Boas vindas
  • 19h00 – What’s new in WildFly 8?
  • 20h00 – Networking

Eventbrite - Encontro virtual PT.JUG

What’s new in WildFly 8?


WildFly 8 (née JBoss Application Server) is Red Hat’s open source Java EE 7 compliant application server. It contains robust implementations of WebSocket, Batch, JSON, Concurrency, JMS2, JAX-RS 2, CDI 1.1, and all Java EE 7 technologies. Undertow is the new cutting-edge web server in WildFly 8 and is designed for maximum throughput and scalability, including environments with over a million connections. The number of ports is reduced used by multiplexing protocols over HTTP using HTTP Upgrade.

Role Based Access Control support organizations with separated management responsibilities and restrictions. Roles represent different sets of permissions such as runtime operation execution, configuration areas that can read or written, and the ability to audit changes and manage users. In addition a new restricted audit log can be enabled including the ability to offload to a secure syslog server.

WildFly also provides a “core” distribution that is ideal for framework authors that want to build their own application runtime using the powerful WildFly 8 architecture.

NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse allow WildFly to be used for development, deployment, and debugging.

This session will provide an overview of all these features using several live demos.


30 mins overview of WildFly 8 + 30 mins deep dive on some specific topic(s).

Speaker: Eduardo Martins

Member of JBoss R&D core engineering family, currently busy with JBoss Wildfly development.

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  1. […] I’m going to do a talk about WildFly 8 at the next PT.JUG event, scheduled for 25th Mar 2014, full details here. […]

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