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Estão abertas as inscrições para o 8º encontro do PT.JUG que se vai realizar já no próximo dia 18 de Abril.
Desta vez o evento terá lugar na cidade dos estudantes – Coimbra – no anfiteatro B1 do Departamento de Engenharia Informática da Universidade de Coimbra.

Este encontro vai contar com as seguintes apresentações:

Introducing Infinispan


What is Infinispan, what are its key features and a set of use cases where in which it can be deployed.

Mircea Markus

Mircea Markus has joined JBoss’s clustering team in 2007 as a core engineer. He has been working on various clustering components, such as JBossCache, PojoCache or JGoups. He is one of the founders of Infinispan project on on which he has been concentrating his efforts for the last two years. He has also the founder of project Radargun – a benchmarking framework data grids.

Using JPA applications in the era of NoSQL: Introducing Hibernate OGM


There exists a range of NoSQL solutions with strong differences in performance, functionality, reliability, isolation, ease of use. This is a technical richness, but a cost in terms of migration, and and when you need to choose one for your next project it becomes a complex research quest.
In this talk we discuss the purpose of Hibernate OGM and how it can help switching from a relational database diving into NoSQL, and switching from NoSQL to NoSQL if you change your mind.
Hibernate OGM (Object Grid Mapper) is built on the robust and proven Hibernate engine and helps you to port existing JPA applications to alternative storage engines decoupling most of application’s code from a specific NoSQL solution.
Sanne will explain how OGM is designed, how to use it, and what to expect next.

Sanne Grinovero

Sanne Grinovero is a member of the Hibernate and Infinispan teams at JBoss by Red Hat. He focuses on search and NoSQL capabilities, like Hibernate Search and Infinispan’s integrations with Apache Lucene and Hibernate OGM. He lived in Holland, Italy, Chile, Portugal and currently resides in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Sanne has been an early adopter of cloud technologies, worked as a consultant focusing on JBoss products and other open source technologies. Spoke at conferences such as Devoxx, JBoss World, JUDCon, Java Day, OpenBlend, Agile Day, various JBug and JUG events. You can follow him on Twitter as @SanneGrinovero.

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