Grupo Português de Utilizadores Java

No próximo dia 5 de Agosto, o PT.JUG irá realizar o seu 17º evento e conta com a presença do António Gonçalves para uma sessão sobre Java EE.

O encontro será realizado na sala C103 do edifício ISCTE II do ISCTE-IUL e conta com o apoio do Mestrado de Open Source Software (MOSS) desta mesma instituição. Tem hora marca às 18:30 e uma duração prevista de 2 horas.

Propomos a seguinte agenda:

  • 18h30 – Boas vindas
  • 19h00 – Fifty New Features of Java EE 7 in 50 Minutes
  • 19h50 – Intervalo
  • 20h00 – Debate: O papel do Spring na actualidade (proposta)
  • 20h30 – Jantar e networking

Durante o evento serão sorteadas umas T-Shirts para as melhores perguntas e no final do mesmo uma licença de IntelliJ IDEA, no valor de 179€.

Eventbrite - Encontro PT.JUG com a presença do António Gonçalves
…ou acompanhe no Lanyrd.

Fifty New Features of Java EE 7 in 50 Minutes


The Java EE 7 platform has four new components (WebSocket, JSON-P, batch, and concurrency), three that are significantly updated (JAX-RS, JMS, and EL), and several others that bring significant changes to the platform. As you can imagine, a lot of new functionality has been introduced in the platform. In this fast-paced session, you will learn about 50 new features introduced in the Java EE 7 platform. @ClientEndpoint, chunk-style batch processing, @FlowScoped, @AroundConstruct, @JMSDestinationDefinition, and @Transactional are some of features the presentation covers. It explains each feature with a code snippet and provides details on where and how you can use it in your applications.

António Gonçalves

António Gonçalves is a senior developer specialized in Java/Java EE. As a consultant he advises customers and helps them in defining and developing their software architecture.

This Java Champion is also the founder of the very successful Paris JUG, Devoxx France and an independent JCP member on various JSRs (Java EE 6, Java EE 7, Java EE 8).

Based on his Java EE experiences, he has written three books covering Java EE 5, Java EE 6 and recently Java EE 7 with Glassfish 4 and JBoss AS.

16º Meeting PT.JUG

Patrocinadores: Instituto Superior Técnico
Local: IST, Lisboa
Data: 15 de Maio de 2014


O próximo evento do PT.JUG está confirmado e conta com a presença da Oracle Portugal!

O encontro é já na próxima quinta-feira, dia 15 de Maio. Será realizado na sala PA3 do pavilhão de matemática do Instituto Superior Técnico, e tem a seguinte agenda:

  • 18h00 – Boas vindas e temas livres
  • 18h30 – Introducing Java 8
  • 19h20 – Intervalo
  • 19h30 – MySQL: Community and Enterprise soul
  • 20h30 – Networking

Eventbrite - Encontro PT.JUG

Introducing Java 8


Review new features introduced in Java 8. In particular: Lambda Expressions, Streams, Annotation on types, Date and Time API, Compact Profiles, Nashorn Javascript Engine and JavaFX. As a follow up I will describe the IoT Developer Challenge.

Alexandre Vieira

Alexandre is the Middleware Solutions Manager at Oracle Portugal. Graduated by IST on Information Technology and post-graduated by ISEG on Leadership & Management. He started his career by being a developer on several projects and he is a Java Certified Professional. Now he is managing a team of Architects at Oracle where Java is leveraged as the cornerstone of the Oracle Fusion Middleware offer.

MySQL: Community and Enterprise soul


In this presentation we will see the Oracle commitment on MySQL, the differentiation between Commercial and Community versions, and what Oracle does to help User Groups.

Marco Carlessi

Marco started his working in IT in 1998 as consultant for an Italian System Integrator. In his career he worked on different roles acquiring a wide knowledge on all IT aspects, from design to implementation.

In 2007 he was the first Italian official MySQL trainer in Italy for MySQL AB (then Sun Microsystems, then Oracle). Starting from June 2013 he work has a Senior Sales Consultant for MySQL In Oracle.

Patrocinadores: Instituto Superior Técnico
Local: IST, Lisboa
Data: 13 de Abril de 2014



No próximo dia 13 de Abril, o PT.JUG irá receber o NightHacking Java 8 Tour com o Stephen Chin para o lançamento do Java 8 em Portugal.

O encontro será realizado no anfiteatro do complexo interdisciplinar do Instituto Superior Técnico, tem hora marca à 15:00 e uma duração prevista de 2 horas.

Eventbrite - Lançamento Java 8 em Portugal
…ou acompanhe no Lanyrd.

Java 8 Lambdas and Devices


Java 8 is the most impactful update to the Java ecosystem since Java 5, introducing an entirely new programming model with lambda expressions, and a whole new platform of applications with support for ARM embedded devices. In this presentation, you will learn how to take advantage of the new lambda-enabled Java 8 APIs including enhanced collections, functional interfaces, and simplified event handlers. Also, you will see live demonstrations of Java 8 technology running on embedded platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms EV3, allowing Java-based applications to support the internet-of-things. Come and learn how to build the future of Java.

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in embedded and UI technology, co-author of the Pro JavaFX Platform 2 title, and the JavaOne Content Chair. He has been featured at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, JFokus, OSCON, JFall, GeeCON, JustJava, and JavaOne, where he thrice received a Rock Star Award. Stephen can be followed on twitter @steveonjava, reached via his blog:, and his hacking adventures can be seen on:

14º Meeting PT.JUG

Patrocinadores: ISCTE-IUL, DEI
Local: ISCTE-IUL em Lisboa, DEI em Coimbra
Data: 25 de Março de 2014



Lançamento do Java 8

Java 8 Launch Webcast Com a versão final do JDK 8 lançada no passado dia 18, a Oracle irá realizar um evento mundial de lançamento do Java 8 no próximo dia 25 às 17h.

As inscrições para o Webcast já estão abertas, faz a tua no site do evento.

Além da palestra de lançamento ao vivo, estarão disponíveis mais de 25 sessões técnicas e fóruns de discussão.


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